I am Deb Paradise

International Ceramic Artist

I desire to bring the beauty of life into this world...
to speak a language which resonates
deep within our hearts
and unites us.

Installation 01b


My work is a collaboration between what I see and what the clay wants to become.
Clay is a natural material and nature is evident in all of my work. I build each piece from slabs, coils, and chunks of clay through a hand-building process.
I fold, sculpt, squish, and squeeze porcelain and stoneware clays, pushing the limits of the materials. I experiment with alternative surfaces and finishes such as graphite, wax, and stones.
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Most recently, my work has reflected the Five Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Metal.
Taking inspiration from wood leaves, lichens, corals, oceans, animals, and flowers, my newest work floats and flows across walls in lyrical and harmonious ways.
My process


There is a deeply personal side of my work as well.
I begin my work in the studio with meditation and visualization. Often, I stamp words, phrases, and prayers into the clay, slowly building layers of meaning into each sculptural piece. Then, I add motion and emotion through color, texture, and shape, giving each piece a sense of whimsy, humor, and fun.
My work draws on the symbols and rituals found in many different, cultural, spiritual, and ethnic philosophies, giving it an underlying diversity and a sense of universal connectedness.
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