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Deb Paradise - Creative Expressions in Clay


I work closely with art consultants and design professionals to create installations consistent with a project’s design program. Elevations, design concepts, framing or preservation requirements are important information to work with. As early as possible in the design process, we must select and coordinate materials, construction methods and finishes, and fixing and/or fastening methods with the installation area’s materials. In many of my pieces, the play of light is an integral part of the overall experience of the piece: lighting and location fixtures that will be used to feature the installation are also part of the installation design process.
Deb Paradise - Creative Expressions in Clay


After an initial consultation, depending on your needs, I provide photo selections or create samples, and I prepare a proposal. I welcome designers' input and often collaborate to create an installation unique to the intent and use of the site. I work closely with designers' specifications to create a concept that is harmonious with design recommendations, size, and finish of the ceramic elements.
Deb Paradise - Creative Expressions in Clay


Individual ceramic elements are created in my studio from concept to finish. I prepare the finished pieces for installation or complete the mounting and ready them for hanging on panel-mounted and relief wall sculptures.


Working with limits of materials I am working with, I aim to finish within requested timelines. For all but the largest-scale installations, the average lead time for fabricating ceramic elements and any related items is 10 to 14 weeks. Rush orders as short as 4 weeks may be possible, depending on my current schedule.
Deb Paradise - Creative Expressions in Clay


I am available to install on-site if the piece requires my presence, or if you simply request that I am present at that time. For most of my panel-mounted installations and relief sculptures, you may also choose to arrange for local installers. My installation fees are time and travel-based.